Member companies

AB Linde Maskiner

Linde machines have operated since 1853 and is now focused on contract production of sheet metal components primarily for the automotive industry. More than half of all heavy trucks manufactured in Europe, for example sheet metal components Linde machines. Working with sheet metal from some millimeters up to 25 mm, we have automatic presses, laser cutting hydraulic presses, welding machines and mount.


Company name:AB Linde Maskiner
Address:Hyttevägen 10
Zip code & City:711 31 Lindesberg
Contact person:Dan Johansson
Phone number:0581-883 00
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Alimak Group Sweden AB

Alimak is a global leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of vertical access solutions for the industrial and construction industries.

Alimak provides permanent and temporary high-quality elevators, construction elevators and work platforms built on rack and pinion and traction technology. For over 70 years, Alimak has been a pioneer in the vertical access industry and delivered vertical access solutions to meet the needs of a variety of construction and industrial projects around the world.


Company name:Alimak Group Sweden AB
Address:Alimakvägen 1
Zip code & City:931 27 Skellefteå
Contact person:André Fageryd
Phone number:0724 625 909
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Aros Quality Group AB

AQ Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for industrial customers with high demands. The business is organized in two segments: System and Component. System includes our business areas Electric Cabinets and System Products. Component includes our business areas Injection Molding, Inductive Components, Wiring Systems and Sheet Metal Processing. Activities are organized in these specialized business areas with operating companies, which offer cost effective solutions for our customers. The consolidated knowledge in the AQ Group, along with a global presence offer unique benefits to customers around the world. Quality is central to everything we are involved in and is something we are constantly working to develop. In our world, quality and efficiency go hand in hand.  AQ Group has since its inception in 1994 shown a steady and fast growth with good profitability. The Group has approximately 3900 employees, including 75% in growth countries outside Sweden. The annual turnover was in 2014 approximately €280 Million. The company is listed on AktieTorget in Sweden and has the highest credit rating of AAA since 1999 and has been awarded with AAA Gold diploma in 2014.


Company name:Aros Quality Group AB
Address:Regattagatan 21
Zip code & City:723 48 Västerås
Contact person:Sture Berglund
Phone number:021-404727
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Autoliv Sverige AB

Autoliv is the  world’s largest automotive safety supplier with sales to all the leading car manufacturers in the world. We develop, manufacture and market airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, passive safety electronics and active safety systems such as radar, night vision and camera vision systems. We also produce anti-whiplash systems, pedestrian protection systems and integrated child seats. Our leading market position in automotive safety includes a global market share of approximately 37% in passive safety and more than 20-25% in active safety.


Company name:Autoliv Sverige AB
Address:Wallentingvägen 22
Contact person:Berne Zetterström
Phone number:0322-62 62 00
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Beslag & Metall

We are a family Småland companies supplying steel products primarily for the automotive and furniture industries. We have the knowledge, the machines and the great desire to always produce the complete solution.


Company name:Beslag & Metall
Address:Allegatan 36
Zip code & City:574 50 Ekenässjön
Contact person:Jim Hallgren
Phone number:038-33 49 16
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Bulten Fasteners AB

Bulten AB manufactures fasteners for the international automotive industry. By 2020, Bulten had approximately 1,750 employees and production units in a total of eight countries in Europe, Asia and North America.


Company name:Bulten Fasteners AB
Address:Box 9148
Zip Code & City:400 93 Göteborg
Visitor address:August Barks Gata 6 A
Contact person:Claes Lindroth
Phone number:076-608 67 54
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Elfa International AB

Elfa International AB is the parent company of the Elfa corporate group, consisting of four manufacturing units and 8 sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany and Poland. The Group has three brands; ELFA, and Lumi Kirena. The company was founded in 1948 and has since developed into one of the world ‘s leading suppliers in the segment dimensioned storage. The product range consists of back and shelving in wood and steel and measure sliding doors in a variety of designs. Sales are mainly through major retail chains and department stores in the furniture, building materials and other specialty stores in about 25 markets via subsidiaries or independent distributors. The Group has 600 employees and sales of approximately SEK 900 million.


Company name:Elfa International AB
Address:Elfagatan 5
Zip code & City:593 87 Västervik
Contact person:Kristian Björling
Phone number:070-5484679
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Esskå Metall AB

Esskå Metall AB is part of PVI Industries AB, which consists of 7 companies that mainly supply the automotive industry in Europe with pressed sheet metal parts and bent pipe parts. Esskå Metall presses sheet metal with hydraulic pressing, mechanical pressing, welding and painting. Main customers are heavy vehicle industry.


Company name:Esskå Metall AB
Address:Kvarnvägen 2
Zip code & City:314 94 Landeryd
Contact person:Tomas Lidbacken
Phone number:+46 371-406 00
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Fagerhults Belysning AB

Fagerhult develops, produces and markets professional lighting for public environments such as offices, schools, shops, factories and hospitals, indoor and outdoor. With Fagerhult’s extensive lighting knowledge and broad portfolio of innovative, energy- efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, you get a partner for the entire project.


Company name:Fagerhults Belysning AB
Zip code & City:566 80 Habo
Contact person:Jan Wallin
Phone number:076-149 71 15
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Fläkt Woods AB

For buildings provide our products and system clean and fresh air to breathe, and comfort to the public and commercial premises. For industry, we provide the highest efficiency and reliability with respect to the equipment and processes that are ventilated or cooled of our products. For each customer, we strive to build cooperation based on our unmatched application expertise, our technical expertise, product quality and our products’ reliability. Fläkt Woods offers a comprehensive range of products and system solutions. The following makes us unique for our clients: The System Solution Expertise – we develop customized solutions in cooperation with our customers. Experience of solutions for ventilation and climate control technology and innovation Quality Local presence in 95 countries.


Company name:Fläkt Woods AB
Address:Fläktgatan 1
Zip code & City:553 02 Jönköping
Visitor address:Kaserngatan 30B
Zip code & City:723 47 Västerås
Contact person:Johan Kårehag
Phone number:070 3201314
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